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After Jabari Parker recently fell out of the Bulls’ playing rotation, the next step for both sides is to part ways via trade. From the start, Parker didn’t fit in well Bulls. Since Bobby Portis has played well and Lauri Markkanen has just returned from injury the Bulls’ forward position is full. Now the question for Parker is where would he fit. He is a great scorer, but an awful defender. Also, his injury history is concerning. Still, there should be plenty of teams willing to take a gamble on Parker. He is only 23 and has shown signs of being a future star. So, what team should make a move for him? First up, the Miami Heat.

Bulls Recieve: Tyler Johnson, 2023 Miami Heat First Round Pick

Heat Recieve: Jabari Parker

Unlike my previous trade finders, this article will be more about Parker’s fit than the trade itself. Still, I would like to give a brief reasoning. This trade allows the Heat to dump Johnson’s terrible contract and take a chance on Parker. For the Bulls, they gain a potentially valuable first-round pick and get rid of a player they don’t want, but they have to swallow Johnson’s contract. This isn’t too bad for the Bulls because they likely weren’t going to sign a big free agent this offseason and Johnson’s contract expires in 2020.

Since Miami is without a second offensive star, Parker is exactly what they need. Right now, Josh Richardson and Goran Dragic have been the only players able to create their own shot on the Heat. Even though they been able to score, they haven’t been efficient. Richardson is shooting 40% from the field and Dragic is at 41%. Adding someone like Parker, who scored 20 points a game on 49/37/74 splits two years ago, would give a significant jolt to the 25th ranked Heat offense.

For Parker, a major benefit of being on the Heat is the defensive players that would surround him. Being in the frontcourt with Bam Adebayo can easily cover some of his defensive deficiencies. Also, there is a chance the team’s defensive culture would rub off on him, inspiring him to at least try on the defensive end. In Chicago, nobody cared about defense so, obviously, Parker didn’t either.

In a move to the Heat, Parker would have an increased offensive role and pieces around him to help him defensively. The Heat would be able to decline the team option if the experiment failed, but if it was successful they could have another young star to pair with Richardson. Given the team’s financial situation, they desperately need to make a trade to improve. Parker is definitely available and Miami should try their best to make a deal work.

Bulls Receive: Jordan Clarkson, Brandon Knight, Houston Rockets 2019 First Round Pick

Cavs Recieve: Jabari Parker, Cristiano Felicio

Rockets Recieve: J.R. Smith

In this scenario, the Rockets would have to believe J.R. Smith would turn their season around. If the deal goes through and the Rockets returned to playing like they did last year, it’s a good trade all around. The Rockets get wing depth, the Cavs get an interesting prospect in Parker, and the Bulls get Clarkson and a late first rounder. I could see the teams altering this trade slightly, but as mentioned before this article is focused on Parker and his fit with a new team.

With the Cavaliers, Parker would have plenty of minutes available at the power forward position. The only other power forwards on the team, Cedi Osman and Larry Nance Jr., can easily play other positions. Additionally, the only player that needs the ball in his hands is Collin Sexton. This would let Parker get plenty of touches on offense, allowing him to show off his array of moves that made him an elite scorer just a couple seasons ago.

The only problem is once Kevin Love comes back a lot of Parker’s minutes and touches at the power forward spot will be taken. But, if the Bulls trade Parker to the Cavs and he plays well I believe the Cavs should shop Kevin Love while his value is still relatively high. Also, if Parker doesn’t play well the Cavs can turn down the team option on his contract and let him leave in free agency. Even though Love’s impending return doesn’t make the situation perfect for Parker, it’s much better than what he’s going through in Chicago.

With either one of these trades, Parker would finally have the chance to be the focus of an offense. In Chicago, Zach Lavine and Lauri Markkanen already took the majority of the offensive load. There was never room for Parker. Hopefully, Miami or Cleveland take a chance on Jabari and give him plenty of offensive responsibilities. Neither team has much to lose and the payoff could be huge.

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