5 Teams to Watch after the NBA All-Star Break

nba all-star break

With games returning this Thursday after the NBA all-star break, teams will have to quickly refocus in order prepare for the playoffs. The most interesting teams will not only be those on the playoff bubble but those attempting to prove whether or not they are legitimate contenders. After the madness of the trade deadline, many new-look teams will have to prove themselves. Which team should you keep your eye on as the playoffs approach? Here are 5 teams you won't want to ignore: 1. Los Angeles Lakers This may not be a surprise to any NBA fan, but the Lakers are still in the spotlight. This season we've already witnessed the Anthony Davis fiasco and now LeBron James might miss the playoffs for

The 3 Most Exciting Anthony Davis Trade Destinations

anthony davis trade

Although Anthony Davis trade rumors are full of Lakers and Celtics news, there are more destinations that are far more interesting. It may be inevitable that AD ends up with LeBron James in LA or Kyrie Irving in Boston, but Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were also once destined to be Lakers. Each dark horse team on my list has enough pieces that there's a slight chance they could trade for Davis. It may be unlikely, but not impossible. 1. Milwaukee Bucks In theory, the Bucks could send a package of Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon, Thon Maker, and draft picks to the Pelicans. This isn't the best package possible, but NBA GMs can be unpredictable in their decisions sometimes. Anyways, let's focus

The New-Look Raptors are Ready

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Despite the fact that the Raptors have become synonymous with choking in the playoffs over the past couple of seasons, this year seems different. I know the same thing was said last year, but there are more tangible changes to suggest improvement this season. They have been red-hot over the last month and look ready to make a run in the playoffs. In this article, I'll break down why the Raptors were swept last postseason, and why this year should be a lot different. THE FORMER FAILURE Last season, the sweep was a result of two factors. The first was LeBron James going insane. In that series, he averaged 34 points, 8 rebounds, and 11 assists per game. James' Cavaliers had tortured the