The OKC Thunder: Basketball’s Most Confusing Team

okc thunder

The OKC Thunder just witnessed their 4 game win streak snapped to the New Orleans Pelicans, a team that was 3-8 in their last 11 games. This was in no way a good loss for the OKC Thunder. Anthony Davis only played 15 minutes due to injury. Kenrich Williams and Darius Miller, below average bench players, started and played 34 minutes a piece. Julius Randle and Jrue Holiday had their way with the Thunder's defense. Randle had 33-11-6 and Holiday had 32 points and 7 assists. This wasn't the first embarrassing loss for the Thunder either. In fact, it's become a trend. Of their 20 losses, the Thunder have 10 to teams below .500. Pacers have 20 losses with 8 coming to sub-500

All-Star Predictions: West Reserves

All-Star West Reserves

Deciding the West All-Star Reserves was easily the toughest of the three all-star predictions I've done (East Starters, West Starters, East Reserves). At the end of the article, you will see a long honorable mentions list of deserving players. I think anyone of those players could be all-stars, but the talent pool in the West is ridiculously deep. As a side note, Luka may end up being an all-star due to his dominance in the fan vote. Coaches and players likely respect him enough to throw him a few votes as well. Still, I didn't include him in this list. His stats are great, but they're not good enough to give him the edge over players who have played at or

Preseason Preview #6: Oklahoma City Thunder

Season Goal: Championship With Russell Westbrook turning 30 this season OKC’s window of opportunity is very short. As their star ages and loses the athleticism he relies on, they will have $40M+ committed to an average point guard. Over the next few years, they are completely trapped financially. Between Westbrook, George, and Adams alone the Thunder have nearly $100M committed. This gives them no money to add in free agency and makes trading for quality pieces even more difficult. For these reasons, if Oklahoma City is going to win a championship they have to do it now. Storylines: Andre’s Impact One of the more underrated injuries last season was Andre Roberson’s ruptured left patellar tendon. Even though Roberson isn’t a star level