DeMar DeRozan Still a Winner in the Kawhi Leonard Trade

DeMar DeRozan

Although he's currently sitting on the couch watching his former team compete with the Golden State Warriors for an NBA Championship, DeMar DeRozan is still a winner in the infamous trade that occurred last July. It may not seem like it, given his former team is in the Finals and he's simply a spectator, but DeRozan couldn't have wished for a better situation. If he had stayed in Toronto, he would have faced the same fate. A great regular season then another failure in the playoffs, crushing the spirit of Raptors' fans once again. DeRozan could have never succeeded in Toronto. He is, quite frankly, not good enough to lead that team. With San Antonio, DeMar DeRozan now has the

Preseason Preview #4: Toronto Raptors

Season Goal: Keep Kawhi After making the biggest gamble this offseason, the Raptors can’t lose Kawhi. This offseason, the Raptors parted ways with their franchise player, DeMar DeRozan, in a trade that sent him to San Antonio for a potential one-year rental. With this trade, Toronto made a bold move to end their playoff struggles. Getting that big of an upgrade talent-wise should improve their odds of being a champion in the East. But, the rest of the team seems unable to rise to the occasion in the playoffs. If this trend continues, the Raptors will have a hard time resigning Kawhi this offseason. [the_ad id="17"] Storylines: Welcome Kawhi Once they traded one of the most loyal players their franchise has ever had, many people