The OKC Thunder: Basketball’s Most Confusing Team

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The OKC Thunder just witnessed their 4 game win streak snapped to the New Orleans Pelicans, a team that was 3-8 in their last 11 games. This was in no way a good loss for the OKC Thunder. Anthony Davis only played 15 minutes due to injury. Kenrich Williams and Darius Miller, below average bench players, started and played 34 minutes a piece. Julius Randle and Jrue Holiday had their way with the Thunder's defense. Randle had 33-11-6 and Holiday had 32 points and 7 assists. This wasn't the first embarrassing loss for the Thunder either. In fact, it's become a trend. Of their 20 losses, the Thunder have 10 to teams below .500. Pacers have 20 losses with 8 coming to sub-500

NBA Power Rankings: December

december power rankings

With the midway point of the NBA season nearing, it's time to examine the best teams of last month in the December power rankings. This month teams have battled their way back into the playoffs, or gained ground on the top of their conference. If you haven't read the October or November power rankings you should know the stats are from this month (December) only, not the entire NBA season. By focusing on one month at a time there is more variety in the ranking and you see which team is hot right now. Anyways, here's the December power rankings: 1. Houston Rockets (11-4) Offensive Rating: 113.4 (3rd of 30) Defensive Rating: 109.3 (18th of 30) Team MVP: James Harden - 35.9 PPG (45/40/89), 7.5

Overreacting to the First Night of NBA Action

Now that we've had the first night of NBA games, it's time to overreact to this extremely small sample size! Breaking down Kyrie's and Fultz's disappointing start to the season and OKC's shocking success without Westbrook and Roberson: [the_ad id="17"] Kyrie is the 3rd best player on the Celtics After his abysmal opening night where he finished with a stat line of 7 points, 4 rebounds, and 7 assists on just 2 of 14 shooting, including going 1 for 8 from three, the Kyrie Irving hate has reached its peak. On the other hand, Jayson Tatum dropped 23 points on 9 for 17 shooting and Al Horford had 9 points on 4 of 7 shooting with 5 blocks. This season, Tatum appears to