Are the Pelicans Contenders in the West?

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Just 3 games into the NBA season the Pelicans have shown flashes of how good they can be. After the loss of DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo this offseason, many people doubted if the Pelicans would even make the playoffs in the loaded west. Now, they have a 3-0 record including a blowout against the Rockets. Throughout this stretch, Anthony Davis has looked like an MVP candidate and Nikola Mirotic has been on fire. But, the real question remains: Can they compete in the West? Pelicans: Contenders or Pretenders? While it's unlikely they can topple the Warriors' super team, New Orleans has played as well as anybody else in the NBA. This season the Pelicans are playing at an extremely fast pace,

Preseason Preview #15: New Orleans Pelicans

Season Goal: Make the Playoffs With tons of trade rumors surrounding Anthony Davis, the Pelicans need to prove they can remain competitive. They experienced one of their best seasons in a while last year but lost Rondo and Cousins in the offseason. Losing two important starters in a loaded Western Conference is a major blow. But, on the bright side, they added Elfrid Payton and Julius Randle, allowing them to improve their depth. Also being able to play Davis at center should increase his impact and the team’s pace. So there’s no way to know how much their offseasons losses will affect them until the season starts. But, if the Pelicans want to resign AD when his contract expires they need