How the Kristaps Porzingis trade affects the NBA

kristaps porzingis trade nba

After writing about Anthony Davis' trade request yesterday (read here), I did not expect another major star to be involved in a trade. This most recent trade, the Kristaps Porzingis trade, was a shock to most of the NBA. Porzingis met with the Knicks ownership and just a few hours later the Knicks sent him to Dallas. For many fans, this was an unexpected turn of events for Knicks' injured star. The trade sent Porzigis as well as Tim Hardaway Jr., Trey Burke, and Courtney Lee to the Mavericks. In return, the Knicks received Dennis Smith Jr, two first round picks, and the expiring contracts of DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews.  This trade should have a profound effect on both

The 3 Most Exciting Anthony Davis Trade Destinations

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Although Anthony Davis trade rumors are full of Lakers and Celtics news, there are more destinations that are far more interesting. It may be inevitable that AD ends up with LeBron James in LA or Kyrie Irving in Boston, but Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were also once destined to be Lakers. Each dark horse team on my list has enough pieces that there's a slight chance they could trade for Davis. It may be unlikely, but not impossible. 1. Milwaukee Bucks In theory, the Bucks could send a package of Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon, Thon Maker, and draft picks to the Pelicans. This isn't the best package possible, but NBA GMs can be unpredictable in their decisions sometimes. Anyways, let's focus

NBA Trade Deadline Team Needs: Western Conference

Western Conference Trade Deadline

With the NBA trade deadline only weeks away, teams have to consider what they need. Some teams barely need to make a move, while this deadline is make-or-break for other teams. I already went through a few potential landing spots for players on the move, but this list is more comprehensive. Here are every Western Conference team's needs at the trade deadline: Golden State Warriors: Depth After DeMarcus Cousin's return, the Warriors reminded the NBA just how unfair life is sometimes. The Warriors will likely cruise to their third straight NBA championship, but if they felt compelled to make a trade they could use more depth. Currently, the Warriors bench consists of aging veterans such as Andre Iguodala, Jonas Jerebko, and Shaun Livingston.

Trade Finder: Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies Trade

The Memphis Grizzlies need a trade. Reports recently came out that the Memphis Grizzlies are open to trading their franchise cornerstones, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley. This may be overdue, as the grit and grind style of Memphis is ineffective in today's NBA. Luckily, the team can build around Jaren Jackson and finally look towards the future. As the grit and grind era comes to an end in Memphis, I looked for what trades can be made to jumpstart the Grizzlies rebuild. Trade #1 Grizzlies Recieve: Reggie Jackson, Jon Leuer, Stanley Johnson, 2019 1st Round Pick (Top 10 Protected), 2019 + 2020 Second Round Pick Pistons Recieve: Mike Conley, Omri Casspi For the Grizzlies, they manage to recoup decent value for their aging star on

Is D’Angelo Russell an All-Star talent?

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After being dealt by the Lakers last season, D'Angelo Russell is now playing like an all-star. The deal that sent Brook Lopez and Kyle Kuzma to LA in return for D'Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov has worked out beautifully for the Nets. Last season was a roller coaster for Russell. Constant injuries prevented him from showing anything more than a few flashes of his potential. Now, Russell has managed to stay healthy the entire season and has finally found his role with the Nets. Although Russell missed the cut in my Eastern All-Star predictions, his recent play has caused me to rethink my selections. Since Dwayne Wade is basically a lock, Ben Simmons may just miss the cut for the

All-Star Predictions: West Reserves

All-Star West Reserves

Deciding the West All-Star Reserves was easily the toughest of the three all-star predictions I've done (East Starters, West Starters, East Reserves). At the end of the article, you will see a long honorable mentions list of deserving players. I think anyone of those players could be all-stars, but the talent pool in the West is ridiculously deep. As a side note, Luka may end up being an all-star due to his dominance in the fan vote. Coaches and players likely respect him enough to throw him a few votes as well. Still, I didn't include him in this list. His stats are great, but they're not good enough to give him the edge over players who have played at or

All-Star Predictions: East Reserves

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I've already shared my predictions for the Eastern Conference and Western Conference All-Star starters, but I also wanted to speculate about possible East All-Star reserves. The NBA has so many talented players that I could easily see any of the honorable mentions sneaking into the game. Unfortunately, I have a feeling defensive-minded players such as Myles Turner won't get the same respect as a player having a great offensive season such as Nikola Vucevic. That's the reasoning behind a few of the selections, but some player's defensive ability still influenced me to include them. Here are my 2019 East All-Star Reserves: G - Victor Oladipo - Indiana Pacers Season Stats: 19.8 PPG (44/35/73), 5.2 APG, 1.7 SPG Although his stats are down from

All-Star Predictions: West Starters

west all-star starter

After predicting the Eastern All-Star Starters, it's time to look at the West All-Star Starters. For me, there were many more possible candidates in the West than the East, and some choices were very difficult. The Western Conference is just ridiculously talented and, unfortunately, there is not enough room for everybody. Anyways, here are my starters: G- Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors Season Averages: 28.9 PPG (48/44/91), 5.5 APG, 1.3 APG Although he's no longer playing at a unanimous MVP level, Curry has been incredible this season. Harden's insane scoring bursts may have overshadowed what Curry has been doing, but Curry is still tied for 2nd in the NBA in PPG. He's been insanely efficient as well. He currently leads the NBA in

All-Star Predictions: East Starters

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With all-star voting now open, there's never been a better time to predict this year's all-stars. In these selections winning played a role, but an individual's play was far more important. Predicting who will be an East All-Star starter may be easier than the predicting West's starters, but it's still worthwhile to take a look. Here they are: G - Kyrie Irving - Boston Celtics Season Stats: 23.1 PPG (49/41/85), 6.6 APG, 4.9 RPG, 1.6 SPG Although his team hasn't lived up to expectations, Kyrie has not disappointed. His points per game may be down slightly, but he is still making massive contributions to the offense. Kyrie is averaging a career-high 6.6 assists per game and 1.3 offensive rebounds per game. His 1.3

NBA Power Rankings: December

december power rankings

With the midway point of the NBA season nearing, it's time to examine the best teams of last month in the December power rankings. This month teams have battled their way back into the playoffs, or gained ground on the top of their conference. If you haven't read the October or November power rankings you should know the stats are from this month (December) only, not the entire NBA season. By focusing on one month at a time there is more variety in the ranking and you see which team is hot right now. Anyways, here's the December power rankings: 1. Houston Rockets (11-4) Offensive Rating: 113.4 (3rd of 30) Defensive Rating: 109.3 (18th of 30) Team MVP: James Harden - 35.9 PPG (45/40/89), 7.5