Trade Finder: Washington Wizards

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The Washington Wizards need a trade. A couple weeks ago I wrote about What's Next for the Washington Wizards. Low and behold, reports came out today that nobody is untouchable, not even John Wall or Bradley Beal. I mentioned the idea of the Wizards moving one, or more, pieces of their big three. Obviously, nothing has happened yet so I wanted to take a look at potential deals they can make. Previously I wrote about trades the Charlotte Hornets would make to resign Kemba Walker and avoid a rebuild (view here), but the Wizards need to make a trade to start a rebuild, not avoid one. Trade #1 Wizards Recieve: Ryan Anderson, Josh Jackson, First Round Pick (Top 7 protected until 2020) Suns

What’s Next for the Washington Wizards?

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Last night, the Washington Wizards suffered their most embarrassing loss of the season. A 100-119 blowout against the lowly Dallas Mavericks. Dallas did not play well by any means either. They were careless with the ball, including 9 turnovers in the third quarter alone. In fact, this was the only thing that kept Washington remotely close. Their 23 points off the Mavericks turnovers allowed them to stage a comeback before crumbling again. At the end of the day, changes need to happen for the Wizards to become competitive again. Coming into the season I projected them to be a top 4 team in the East. Now, they look like a bottom 4 despite having the 6th highest payroll in the NBA. Important

Why Kemba Walker is a Top 5 Point Guard

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This season Kemba Walker has become one of the most controversial players. A lot of NBA fans say he isn't all that good and is just a shot chucker on a bad team. Others argue that Kemba is Kyrie Irving on a bad team. But, after Kemba's record-breaking start to the season, I would argue he is a top 5 point guard of this year. Kemba Walker vs Kyrie Irving Because this article is focused on this season only, it's quite obvious Kemba has outplayed Kyrie. Not only has Kemba scored 14 more points per game, but he has done it on a highly efficient 49.2% from the field and 45.3% from three. On the other hand, Kyrie is shooting just 40.2% from the

Preseason Preview #14: Washington Wizards

Season Goal: Don’t Implode After an extremely disappointing season last year, the Wizards are hoping to return to form. Last season mainly consisted of John Wall being injured and drama for the Wizards. With reports coming out that nobody liked Wall on the team, especially Gortat, their chemistry seemed to be at an all-time low. Now they have traded Gortat but added Dwight Howard. He could be the player that destroys the locker room and ruins the team or the dominant center they badly need. With so many new additions this offseason, it will be interesting to see how they fit together. There’s enough talent for this team to compete for an Eastern Conference Finals appearance, but also enough uncertainty for