All-Star Predictions: East Reserves

east all-star reserve

I've already shared my predictions for the Eastern Conference and Western Conference All-Star starters, but I also wanted to speculate about possible East All-Star reserves. The NBA has so many talented players that I could easily see any of the honorable mentions sneaking into the game. Unfortunately, I have a feeling defensive-minded players such as Myles Turner won't get the same respect as a player having a great offensive season such as Nikola Vucevic. That's the reasoning behind a few of the selections, but some player's defensive ability still influenced me to include them. Here are my 2019 East All-Star Reserves: G - Victor Oladipo - Indiana Pacers Season Stats: 19.8 PPG (44/35/73), 5.2 APG, 1.7 SPG Although his stats are down from

Sophomore Superstars: Jayson Tatum vs Ben Simmons

ben simmons

After looking at some of the best rookie debuts of 2018, it's hard to forget the rookie seasons of Jayson Tatum and Ben Simmons. Despite their short time in the league Tatum and Simmons already created a decent amount of history. Tatum knocked off Simmon's 76ers in the 2nd round of the playoffs in just 5 games. This series set the stage for a great rivalry between the teams and the players. And, their rivalry causes fans to constantly ask one question. Which young star is better? The Case for Jayson Tatum There is no doubt that Jayson Tatum is the way better scorer of the two. Even though Ben Simmons has a very well-rounded game the gap between him and Tatum

Preseason Preview #5: Philadelphia 76ers

Season Goal: Become Legit Contenders Despite a season that defied many expectations for the young team, Philadelphia ended their season in a very disappointing fashion. After beating the Heat in 6 games, the 76ers lost in 5 to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. In that series, the flaws of the young 76ers team were exposed-- badly. The series was overall an embarrassment as Simmons scored just one point in Game 2. This year, Philadelphia needs to prove that they can play at an elite level when the pressure is at its highest. Storylines: Fultz’s Future After possibly the most confusing rookie season, it looks like Markelle Fultz will be playing for the 76ers this year. The mystery injury that kept him sidelined