Who Wins the Proposed Jimmy Butler Trade?

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The Houston Rockets have recently shown renewed interest in trading for Jimmy Butler. According to Woj, they are willing to offer 4 first-round picks to get him. This trade has not actually happened, yet, but if it's true the Timberwolves need to accept it. There is no way they will find a better offer at this point of the Butler drama. The proposed trade would likely be Brandon Knight, Marquesse Chriss, and 4 first round picks for Jimmy Butler. The deal can't happen until October 31st if it involves Knight because of NBA trade rules. But, assuming Thibodeau doesn't mess up the deal, which side would win the Butler trade? Minnesota Timberwolves For Minnesota, this is a great deal. Quite frankly they

Sophomore Superstars: Jayson Tatum vs Ben Simmons

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After looking at some of the best rookie debuts of 2018, it's hard to forget the rookie seasons of Jayson Tatum and Ben Simmons. Despite their short time in the league Tatum and Simmons already created a decent amount of history. Tatum knocked off Simmon's 76ers in the 2nd round of the playoffs in just 5 games. This series set the stage for a great rivalry between the teams and the players. And, their rivalry causes fans to constantly ask one question. Which young star is better? The Case for Jayson Tatum There is no doubt that Jayson Tatum is the way better scorer of the two. Even though Ben Simmons has a very well-rounded game the gap between him and Tatum

Preseason Preview #1: Golden State Warriors

Season Goal: Championship or Bust After sweeping the Cavs in the Finals last year, it seems as if the Warriors are guaranteed to win their 3rd straight championship and 4th in 5 years. The loss of key wing players for the Rockets, such as Trevor Ariza, has made them a much easier opponent for the Warriors. And, in the East, the Celtics and 76ers are too young to seriously contend. Also, the addition of Demarcus Cousins has given them a legitimate offensive threat at every position. It seems almost impossible for another team to pose a real threat to Golden State this season. [the_ad id="17"] Story Lines: 3 Peat? Without any major injuries to the Warriors, it’s hard to see them losing any series in

Preseason Preview #2: Boston Celtics

Season Goal: Win the East After falling one game short of the NBA Finals, the Celtics have to be excited to get another chance. Despite losing Hayward and Irving to injury before the playoffs, the Celtics managed to make an incredible run and challenge Lebron for the Eastern Conference throne. This year, with Lebron in the West, there is no doubt Boston believes they should win. The Raptors and 76ers will be strong opponents, but the Celtics’ depth and versatility will likely push them ahead. If they don’t get struck with injuries once again, Boston will be representing the East in the Finals. [the_ad id="17"] Storylines: Scary Terry In what will likely be Rozier’s final season as a Boston Celtic, it’s still interesting to take

Preseason Preview #3: Houston Rockets

Season Goal: Beat the Warriors Despite coming within 1 game the Rockets failed their ultimate goal of last season, beating the Warriors. This team has been specifically created for the sole purpose of beating the Warriors. Although they lost some of their wing depth this offseason they managed to retain Chris Paul and Clint Capela, two huge factors of their success last year. Their loss of depth is concerning, but the Rockets still have the second best backcourt in the NBA and a very effective system. If Chris Paul stays healthy the entire postseason they will still have a great chance to be the team that takes down the Warriors. But, Paul’s postseason injuries are well documented and he is now

Preseason Preview #4: Toronto Raptors

Season Goal: Keep Kawhi After making the biggest gamble this offseason, the Raptors can’t lose Kawhi. This offseason, the Raptors parted ways with their franchise player, DeMar DeRozan, in a trade that sent him to San Antonio for a potential one-year rental. With this trade, Toronto made a bold move to end their playoff struggles. Getting that big of an upgrade talent-wise should improve their odds of being a champion in the East. But, the rest of the team seems unable to rise to the occasion in the playoffs. If this trend continues, the Raptors will have a hard time resigning Kawhi this offseason. [the_ad id="17"] Storylines: Welcome Kawhi Once they traded one of the most loyal players their franchise has ever had, many people

Preseason Preview #5: Philadelphia 76ers

Season Goal: Become Legit Contenders Despite a season that defied many expectations for the young team, Philadelphia ended their season in a very disappointing fashion. After beating the Heat in 6 games, the 76ers lost in 5 to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. In that series, the flaws of the young 76ers team were exposed-- badly. The series was overall an embarrassment as Simmons scored just one point in Game 2. This year, Philadelphia needs to prove that they can play at an elite level when the pressure is at its highest. Storylines: Fultz’s Future After possibly the most confusing rookie season, it looks like Markelle Fultz will be playing for the 76ers this year. The mystery injury that kept him sidelined

Preseason Preview #6: Oklahoma City Thunder

Season Goal: Championship With Russell Westbrook turning 30 this season OKC’s window of opportunity is very short. As their star ages and loses the athleticism he relies on, they will have $40M+ committed to an average point guard. Over the next few years, they are completely trapped financially. Between Westbrook, George, and Adams alone the Thunder have nearly $100M committed. This gives them no money to add in free agency and makes trading for quality pieces even more difficult. For these reasons, if Oklahoma City is going to win a championship they have to do it now. Storylines: Andre’s Impact One of the more underrated injuries last season was Andre Roberson’s ruptured left patellar tendon. Even though Roberson isn’t a star level

Preseason Preview #7: Utah Jazz

Season Goal: Find a 3rd star The Utah Jazz are going to be one of the most interesting teams in the NBA this season. After the rookie sensation, Donovan Mitchell shocked the league and led Utah to a 5th seed finish people still question how good this team is. Although their second star, Rudy Gobert, is a defensive star and reigning defensive player of the year, the Jazz lacks a second offensive creator. The lack of offense on this team is the only thing holding them back. They had the 2nd best defense last year and an amazing head coach in Quin Snyder, but still, lack offensive firepower. Storylines: Greatest Defense? Last season, Utah ranked 2nd in the NBA in defensive rating, but they should

Preseason Preview #8: Los Angeles Lakers

Season Goal: Develop Chemistry In the midst of one of the most interesting offseasons, the Lakers’ managed to sign LeBron James. After striking out on a second superstar, such as Paul George, the Lakers’ handed out one-year contracts to Rondo, Stephenson, Beasley, and McGee. This odd assortment of players likely won’t be on the team long-term, but still are interesting signings. With all the change this offseason, the Lakers need to work on building chemistry. Lebron signed for 4 years, with a player option in the 4th, so the Lakers have time to build something. But, if the young guys can’t work with Lebron on or off the court this team will face serious issues. Storylines: LABron The most obvious addition of the offseason,