The Best on the Bench: 6th Man of the Year Candidates

6th man candidates

The 6th man of the year award has always interested me. Players such as Jamal Crawford built their careers off of being elite bench players. Just last season Lou Williams nearly became an all-star coming off the bench. As the league has become more talented, good players have been forced into

The Uncertain Future of Markelle Fultz

markelle fultz

During last season's exit interview Markelle Fultz appeared optimistic for his future with the 76ers. He was prepared to work during the offseason and claimed his shoulder and shooting strength were "pretty good" but not "100 percent". In his limited play last season, Fultz had already become the youngest player

Top 10 Teams of the Month: November

november power rankings

After another month of NBA basketball teams have sifted through my NBA power rankings significantly. For the most part, the best teams of October (view here), have fallen off this month. These power rankings only include stats from November, and due to the number of talented teams in the NBA, teams that struggled

Trade Finder: New Orleans Pelicans

new orleans pelicans trade

The Pelicans currently find themselves in a strange situation, they aren’t bad enough to get a high draft pick, but aren’t good enough to make the playoffs in the loaded West. Obviously, they could trade Anthony Davis and blow it all up, but they’re also moves that allow them to

Can Mike Conley lead the Grizzlies to the Playoffs?

mike conley

After missing all of last season, Mike Conley is back on the court. Without him, Memphis struggled, winning just 22 games. Last season contained the lowest win total in the last 10 years for the Grizzlies. Now that he's back, the Grizzlies are back to their competitive ways. Between the

Rookie Power Rankings: November

rookie power rankings november

This season the NBA has been blessed with multiple talented rookies, prompting me to create a November rookie power rankings. After last years heated rookie of the year competition between Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell, I didn't expect another crop of rookies to have an immediate impact. So many rookies

Trade Finder: Washington Wizards

wizards trade

The Washington Wizards need a trade. A couple weeks ago I wrote about What's Next for the Washington Wizards. Low and behold, reports came out today that nobody is untouchable, not even John Wall or Bradley Beal. I mentioned the idea of the Wizards moving one, or more, pieces of

Updated Way-Too-Early MVP Predictions

updated mvp predictions

Now that it's been a few weeks and a lot has changed in the NBA it's time to update my MVP predictions. Last time featured Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant (Check it out here). But, with Davis and Curry dealing with injuries and KD not playing at an

Trade Finder: Charlotte Hornets

charlotte hornets trade

The Charlotte Hornets need to make a trade. The team has stated they are not interested in trading their star player, Kemba Walker, yet he is an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Kemba can go anywhere he pleases and he likely won't stay in Charlotte unless they turn things around.

3 Reasons Why the Kings Playoff Drought Will End

kings playoff drought

The years of suffering that the Kings have put their fans through is unmatched. After their last playoff appearance in 2005-06, the Kings haven't broken 40-wins in a season. The Kings playoff drought is the longest active streak in the NBA. Everything was looking miserable for this franchise. They don't