Allonzo Trier: The Biggest Steal of 2018

allonzo trier

Despite Allonzo Trier‘s incredible performances at the collegiate level, no team selected him in the 2018 draft. Luckily, the Knicks saw his potential and picked him up on a 2-way contract. After Summer League, everybody thought Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson were going to be the stand-out rookies on the Knicks, but, so far, Allonzo Trier has outperformed both of them. The fact that Trier is outperforming Knox shocked me, I predicted Knox would be in the ROY race. His incredible start to the season has proven he belongs in the NBA and could become a great 6th man.

The handles and scoring ability that earned him the nickname “Iso Zo” have been put to good use for the Knicks. Already, Trier has had a 23-point game and multiple 15-point outings in limited minutes. The biggest knock against Trier coming into the league was his inefficient shooting. So far, his shooting splits are 53/43/89 and he has a 58% eFG%. His shooting has been amazing, but the numbers look even better when compared to other great rookies. Collin Sexton is shooting 41/22/91. Trae Young is currently shooting 44/32/76. Luka Doncic is at 47/39/69. And Trier’s teammate, Kevin Knox, is shooting just 36% percent from the field and 40% at the free throw line. Sadly, I didn’t include Allonzo Trier’s opening night with these other rooks in my article on rookie debuts.

Trier’s Season Stats: 21.5 MPG, 10.6 PPG, (53/43/89)

Even though his scoring is great, Allonzo Trier isn’t a finished product. He still has multiple facets of his game that need improvement. For starters, his passing is a problem. While he is currently a Jamal Crawford -esque player, he needs to get better at moving the ball. When Trier is on the court the Knicks assist percentage drops 6.4 points. This is due to him holding on to the ball when he attacks and not looking for open teammates. He’s been making enough shots for it not to be a problem, but he needs to improve. Right now he’s averaging 1.1 assists per game and 1.8 turnovers. That’s good for a 1.6 assist to turnover ratio, not good for a primary ball handler.

Despite Trier’s faults, I would’ve expected at least one team to take a risk on him during draft night. He has proven he can be an efficient scorer off the bench and carry the second unit offense. As he continues to develop I expect him to become a perennial 6th man of the year candidate and maybe even win a couple of them. With all the hype around the Knicks’ future, it’s easy to look past an undrafted rookie. But, Allonzo Trier has shown the world he can play and, hopefully, finds success as a Knick in the future.

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